Dog in a cage


Closing a House of Horror for Dogs in Cambodia 


Together, we can save millions of dogs from slaughter

During our campaign to stop the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia, our team has witnessed so many unimaginable heartbreaking scenes of animal suffering and cruelty, but this dog slaughterhouse is potentially the worst. An estimated 1 million dogs have lost their life at this facility since its opening in 1995.   

Whining dogs penned up in rusty cages, the pungent odor of urine and feces baking in the heat. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the sight of two cement tanks three feet high filled with putrid, black water makes your stomach churn. Hundreds of dogs are drowned daily in these pits, their fur later removed with a blowtorch. Many of them puppies still wearing collars, signs of their prior lives as beloved family members.

We have to stop this. And we are trying to. Can we count on your support today to close down this slaughterhouse for good?   

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We are currently doing everything in our power to close this place down and to literally #ProtectMillions. Come back here or visit our social media pages for regular updates. 

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The barbaric dog meat trade in Cambodia 

Every year, 3 million dogs are killed for their meat in Cambodia. In most cases, the dogs are stolen from their homes and trafficked across the country to be killed in the most brutal of ways at slaughterhouses like this one. Read our summary report on dog meat consumption in Cambodia here!